Lionnel Mascarenhas , a singer-songwriter who has emerged with a solo effort after years of performing with various bands and dabbling in diverse kinds of music, has always had an inherent affinity for music, largely due to a strong musical background in his family. His instincts enable him to capture the essential components that make popular music endearing, the results of which are now well encompassed within his debut album “Wonderland”.

The album is a marked departure from all of Lionel’s previous work with bands on the local rock scene, where he has spent considerable amount of time as a vocalist and guitarist, though primarily performing cover versions of popular rock songs. Feeling the need for artistic progress, however, he eventually decided to concentrate completely on channelising all his experiences into the process of making original music.

The album has been recorded with a meticulous attention to detail and a strong emphasis on making catchy, radio-friendly tracks, which nevertheless offer sufficient room for artistic expression. Being initially influenced by the slew of grunge and alternative rock bands that filled our televisions in the 90s, Lionnel has taken his time to assimilate exactly the right kind of qualities from those groups, as well as later influences from gentler and more melodically inclined artistes.



Lionnel Mascarenhas

                       Neelkanth Patel – Bass | Aatur Soni – Drums | Lionnel Mascarenhas – Vocals / Guitar | Denzil Mathais – Lead Guitar



In Cages

                                                         Vocals/Bass – Lionnel Mascarenhas | Guitar – James Mercer | Cello – Philomena Jack | Drums – Chris Trembath



           He-Whore – Lionnel Mascarenhas Guitar / Vocals | Spartacus – Jerry DeSouza – Bass | Magneto – Anshul Adhikari – Drums



Dennis Fernandes – Bass | Rance Fernandes – Drums | Denzil Mathias – Guitar |  Lionnel Mascarenhas – Vocals  | John Vaz – Guitar



                                                                            Morley Fernandes – Bass | Rance Fernandes – Drums | Lionnel Mascarenhas – Vocals | Nyzel Dlima – Guitar